Visit to Puca Puca

In Peru, children (usually) only go to school in the morning. We would like to reach children from communities outside the centre of Curahuasi, so the distance will be larger. Therefore we have chosen to offer a whole day of education and activities.

In these communities, there is still more poverty than in the center and excessive alcohol consumption is also higher.

A visit to Puca Puca, one of such communities, and its local school, taught us that parents don’t always bring their children to school, but that they often show up when something is distributed for free.

The school has 13 children (4 children from 3 to 5 years old and 9 children of 5 years old) and 30 students from the first to the sixth grade. These are very few children for this region. This is because parents often do not understand the importance of education. The last year of pre-school is recently obligated in Peru, therefore there are more children coming to the schools. Many students walk every morning for half an hour down the mountain to Curahuasi because the level of education there is better. On their  way back, they walk about an hour.

The breakfast and hot meals at noon that we offer the children should convince the parents in Puca Puca to bring their children every day. In addition, the parents can come to lunch once a month, so we can maintain contact with them. These contacts can then be expanded in the future.

We will start the project with 20 children. They come partly from Puca Puca and partly from other suburbs of Curahuasi such as Molle Molle.

IMG_0002 IMG_0015

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