Visit: Special Education

On Wednesday, March 13th we went to visit a small school for special education with some volunteers and students in Curahuasi.

There is only one class with 20 students with ages ranging from 4 to 24 years old AND with handicaps going from intellectual, visual and physical handicaps to Down syndrome. This variety of children, ages and handicaps is leaded by only one teacher! She’s waiting for some support for many years now, but the Ministry doesn’t want to waste money on her.
Thanks to an American NGO the classroom has been painted pretty last year and they could buy some extra materials. The teacher explains that she has two new students since this school year. A 7 year old boy and his 15 year old brother.  Both have a mental and visual handicap. The teacher tells us that none of them went to school before, but always have been home. Their parents are strongly addicted to alcohol and don’t know how to treat the handicap of their sons. After a few house visits the teacher could finally subscribe those boys into her school. What a woman, that teacher!

Oye LENA proposed to work together with this school. In that way they can use our sensory room and our students of orthopedagogy and ergotherapy will be able to focus on them for their internship.

This will absolutely be an added value for their internship in Peru and for the functioning of that class. We will let you know how our cooperation will go!


Teacher Yanira and some of her students

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