Education in the afternoon, but a whole day of activity!

Since May first the project will only be open in the afternoon! “Why?!” you ask!
Since March 2013, there is a new law concerning education in Peru. Children are obligated to follow education from 3 years on. Until last year, this was obligated from 5 years on. So before we knew about this new law, we focused on children from 3 and 4 years old who couldn’t access regular schools. We offered them a whole day of education, a free daily lunch and free visits to the doctor.
With this new law, this is not possible anymore because we are not an official kindergarten, but an official Peruvian NGO. This new law hasn’t been spread very well, so parents weren’t informed (and a lot of parents still don’t know about it). Together with them, we began to search for kindergartens for their children, so they were legally protected. This wasn’t always easy, as education is not for free. We could convince the major part though, to inscribe their children into kindergartens. We had a convention with those schools; the children could keep on going to our project until the end of April, and afterwards go the school so our 4 students could finish their internships and work at the project as we planned.
As Peru only offers education in the morning, from 8 to 12, we decided to open our doors in the afternoon. We will also be active in the mornings though. We have conventions with two kindergartens and one school for special education (Read more). We will help them in the morning so we can learn from them and they can learn from us! Aside from the children we could inscribe in official schools, there are still a lot of children in Curahuasi who don’t go to a kindergarten (despite the obligation). Our goal is to reach them and show them the importance of education!
Oye LENA will be active the whole day to improve education for the children of Curahuasi!

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