Oye LENA keeps on going!

Oye LENA started to cooperate with primary schools and the school for special education in Curahuasi mid-June.

A couple of volunteers now go and help out in the school for special education every morning.  There, the need is the highest. According to the latest reports, there are 38 children from 4 to 24 years old (with different disabilities) who are enrolled there and two new teachers have been employed to assist the permanent teacher. However, the new teachers have not been trained to work with special-needs children. Moreover, the state made them take this job, which is shown by their level of motivation.

Furthermore, we will observe and assist in different nursery schools to have a better idea of what Peruvian nursery education is like in practice. Then, we will organise monthly workshops, in which all the teachers can participate. We will teach them about different topics that they can integrate easily in their lessons if they want to. Some ideas: working on certain topics, learning by playing, didactic materials and how to use them, alternative techniques such as yoga, “snoezelen”, brain gym, etc. We will also give the floor to a Peruvian school or teacher every workshop for them to give a presentation about their strengths. After the workshops we will assist them with the implementation of new principles.

In the meantime we are making the finishing touches on the construction site so that our nursery project can start again. The Peruvian workers, together with Tito and Ilja (and as of July Christophe), are working hard, so the construction works are advancing quickly!



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