Oye LENA welcomes new volunteers!

A whole group of new volunteers arrived in the first week of July: Louise Dujardin, Christophe Vanderfaeillie, Virginie Aneca, Reineke Gouwy, Hanne Delfosse, Annelies Brewaeys and Julie Neefs. Nina also joined the group mid-July.

Louise, Annelies, Julie and Virginie are helping out in the school for special education. Annelies and Julie are working together with one of teachers who teaches the youngest group: 8 pupils from 4 to 11 years old. The majority of them has Down syndrome. Louise is focussing on two visually impaired brothers: Lucho is 17 years old and completely blind, Fernando is 10 and has poor eyesight. Virginie is working with two older mentally impaired pupils, who are not able to communicate. Vilma, our Peruvian teacher, works with Clarissa, a girl with spasms in a wheel chair. The latter five students were able to go to school before we were there, but they did not get any guidance. The teachers did not know what to do with them or how to treat them, so they just let them be.

Hanne is going to different nursery schools together with Mieke. Moreover, Hanne is in charge of organising the workshops during the following months, but of course we will help her with that.

Reineke and Julie are helping out at INABIF, which focuses on vulnerable population groups in Peru. It is a project organised by the state and has several subprojects that focus on different age groups. The project exists all over Peru but it is set up differently in every place. In Curahuasi it is mainly an after-school project. Children from 4 to 17 years old go there to have breakfast in the morning, after which they go to their regular schools. At noon they go back to the project and receive a hot meal. In the afternoon, after-school care is organised and in the evening the children receive some bread and a drink. Most of it is sponsored by the state. Parents pay 5 Euros (or 17 soles) a month. However, the project has to cope with a shortage of staff and a lack of means. The only teacher who works there is volunteering and receives a small allowance of 0.3 eurocents (or 1 sol) per hour.

More information coming soon!


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