Double-U sponsors new Snoezelen room!

Wim Willegems, manager at Double-U in Ternat, was looking for a project to sponsor with his company and colleagues. Through his wife, Tine, ex-colleague of Stefanie, he got to know Oye Lena. After sending a few e-mails he decided to sponsor the new, bigger Snoezelen room. A new structure will be build behind the existing building. In the first phase we will be building a Snoezelen room of 4 by six meter, for this Double-U donates no less than 1.200 euros!

There is room for a two-storeyed construction of 12 by 6 meter. In the future, the building can be extended with therapy rooms for our special kids. Friends of Oye Lena who are interested in sponsoring such rooms, can always contact us.


BVBA Double-u
Van Cauwelaertstraat 27
1740 Ternat
+32 498 903 699

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