Clariza receives new wheelchair

We couldn’t bear it any longer, Clariza’s wheelchair wasn’t rolling anymore and the seat was totally torn, which made she was sitting on the iron stretchers. We had it patched up several times, but now that wasn’t possible anymore. We decided to appeal to the project of Gilder’s cousin, Mission Mcneill. They were quickly convinced and started looking for a sponsor in America. They found one and Clariza got a new wheelchair! Actually it is a little bit too big for her, but in Cusco/Peru you can’t really take your pick. Volunteer Debbie bought cushions which we had adjusted, so that Clariza is sitting very comfortable in her new wheelchair! The only pitty is Clariza can’t move the chair herself, although she would bse physically able to do so. In Belgium we keep looking for a better, more adjusted wheelchair.

oude en nieuwe rolstoel

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