Swimming with the toddlers and old acquaintances: Lyndal, Klaus, Alberto en Alex!

As we mentioned before, we visit the hot springs twice a month with our toddlers. This time we also invited all the graduated ones. It so happens we had promised them they could go for a swim with us once again. Lyndal, Klaus, Alberto and Alex turned up. Damaris’ knee was hurting, so much to her regret she couldn’t come. It was nice seeing our friends united, so it was extra fun! Lyndal said: “I am so happy to be at Oye Lena again!”. A lot of our kids never go swimming, what makes that they are very frightened in the beginning, but after a while (after hanging around the necks of the volunteers) it always gets better! It is also nice to see that the kids, who already went swimming with us before, have lost their fears and jump in the water more confident every next time!

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