Xanthe and Laura at the end of their internship!

Xanthe Lauwers and Laura Verstappen, two students at the Hogeschool Gent, began their bachelor internship at oye Lena in February. Xanthe worked  with the theme traffic for three months, as a result of Edwin’s accident last year. She taught the children the dangers of the road, how to cross safely and a lot of other things! Not an easy subject for our little ones, but she managed to teach them a lot.

Laura elaborated a communication map for Jean Pierre, a boy with cerebral palsy. Because of his disability he can’t speak, although he is intellectually good. By the communication map we want Jean Pierre to be able to express his desires. The book consists of different pictures, ordered by theme, where Jean Pierre can point at. Does he want a banana, to paint or to go to a certain place, from now on Jean Pierre can make it clear.

For blind Lucho, who has speaking problems as well, but is intellectually very strong, she worked on communication through gestures. This seems an illogical move for a boy who can’t see, but nevertheless it is. Lucho understands everything, so you don’t need to signal him, but to answer he does use gestures. By gesticulating he can indicate if he has pain, wants to go to the toilet, which activity he wants to do, and so on.

Both girls unfortunately had to return to Belgium to finish their bachelor thesis and studies at the beginning of May. The projects they finished luckily stay with us and will be used daily! Thanks to you both for your effort and realisations! Success!

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