Fasting hiking tour Primary school Vlierbeek

Every year the primary school Vlierbeek (Kessel-Lo, Leuven) organizes a fasting action for charity. Dieter Peeters told us that they had decided to sponsor Oye Lena in 2015. On the 3th of April they did a Fasting Hiking Tour and collected no less than 7000 euros (!!) for our kids, such a crazy amount! Before the start of the action they did a PowerPoint presentation to introduce Oye Lena to the school children. After the Easter holidays ex-volunteers and members of the Oye Lena working group in Belgium (Kim Dierickx and Beppie Vatteroth), will also organize workshops at their school. How the workshops went and what will be done with this amazing amount of money, will be revealed in our next newsletter!

To all the kids, parents, teachers and members of the management of the primary school Vlierbeek and all the people that made this possible, a loud well-meant GRACIAS!!

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