Doctor’s visit with Marleni

Since the beginning of August, we have a new girl at the project: Marleni, little sister of Fernando from the special education school. They live in a miserable little house together with their alcoholic mother who neglects them severely.

More than two years ago, Marleni’s leg was operated in Abancay (the nearest city) after an open leg fracture of which the cause is still unknown.

Since she was clearly still in pain, we went to the German hospital, Diospy Suyana, on the 20th of August.

Seeing the deformed leg, they helped us immediately and various X-rays were taken.

These images showed that Marleni’s fracture hadn’t healed yet, probably because she didn’t rest enough after the operation. With an open leg fracture, doctors can’t put a cast around the fracture because this might cause the wound to infect. A traumatologist will operate Marleni’s leg free of charge: the ends of the fracture will have to be scraped off after which they will give her a cast to make sure the fracture heals this time. We hold our breaths and will follow up carefully!





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