Baptism and communion of our fantastic special kids!

The 11th of November was an important day for the kids from the Special School in Curahuasi since 6 kids were baptized and another 11 of them celebrated their communion. This meant 17 reasons to party and Oye Lena was able to participate in the celebrations in a very special way…
In Peru, godparents aren’t assigned at birth, but instead are chosen for different important moments in the life of a child. Baptism and communion are two of those very important moments and godparents are expected to buy a present and provide for a party outfit worthy of the occasion. Several volunteers who are working with the kids at the moment decided to step up and become the godparents of these proud children: Roel Verhaert became the godfather of Fernando and Katleen Loos the godmother of Fernando’s sister Marleni. Arnaud Donckier became the godfather of Edwin and Stefanie of his sisters Flor and Ana. Laura Moonen became the godmother of our newest student, José Abel.
On top of that, a number of Belgian Oye Lena godparents also decided to chip in which made Hilde & Luc Brewaeys the godparents of Fernandito’s party, Brigitte Vanhove the godmother of Lucho’s communion Lentel De Hertog and Kim Welman the godmothers of Maria’s celebration and Vanessa Burms and Limme Vanden Abeel those of Clariza’s communion.
The day started with a mass in the big church at the town’s square: we sang, we lit candles, we ate communion wafers and we took our vows. After this official part, we went back to the school to eat pancakes and pies made by the volunteers and guinea pig made by the parents. This national dish is loved by everyone here and is only served on special occasions! Finally, the kids got their presents and we danced together.
Thank you very much to everyone who helped to turn this special day into a beautiful party they will always remember!


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