Clariza receives new wheelchair thanks to Vigo N.V

Last September, Liselotte Reyskens was part of a group of young people who were traveling through Peru with travelcompany “ Joker”. They stayed at Casa Lena and helped out at the project for a day which is where they met Clariza and saw her shaky wheelchair. Although clariza had received a new wheelchair not so long ago,it turned out that the bumpy roads of curahuasi demanded a sturdier one that can endure all the holes and bumps and dust etc. Instantly, Liselotte decided that something had to be done about it! She promised us there and then that she would try to arrange for a new wheelchair and, luckily for us, it turns out she is a woman of her word. Liselottes father works for the company Vigo and together they convinced Jo Breugelmans, Jan Ruysgaert en Nele Van Houtegem, Product managers of Vigo N.V. to donate a new wheelchair. Less than two months later, the wheelchair was ready to be sent to Peru. At that point, Dirk Ooms and Hilde Van Mele had planned a trip to Peru and offered to take the wheelchair with them on their flight. Thanks to the help of all these wonderful people, Clariza received her new wheelchair on the 18th of November, making her very happy. On seeing the wheelchair she cheered of joy and the glow in her eyes as well as the ear-to-ear smile were noticeable from a mile away!

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