SNOEZELclass is ready!

We calculated that the construction of the special class would cost something like 8685
EUR. This estimation was not entirely correct…. The hot water tank was more expensive than expected: 275 EUR instead of 125 EUR. We also forgot to take into account the
installation of the doors and the windows, so the total cost had to be augmented with 115 EUR and 60 EUR.
In the first place we didn’t plan to plaster the walls but we decided to do it anyway. We paid 1091 EUR for the man hours and for the material 455 EUR.
VZW Double-U who suggested to create’ this “Snoezel” area, donated another 600 EUR.
The remaining extra costs were paid with the sponsorship of friends and family of Laura Moonen. As the painting of the walls is scheduled for 2016, these costs will be taken into account later on.
We come to a total of 10 556 EUR, a large amount, but meaning a substantial change for our preschoolers and special children!
Thanks to everybody making this possible!

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