In Peru, the school year ends in mid-december. Children enjoy 11 weeks of vacation and are only expected back in school in March. Oye Lena however, only closes for three weeks, so we are able to welcome our kids back at the project as of the 11th of January. They were very happy to be picked up by our van again, since there are no alternatives for school in the holidays (no childcare services, playgrounds, camps,..) and they simply roam around the streets all day.
So, as a result, we decided to open our doors earlier this year and also invite our graduated toddlers from last year. All our kids get picked up at 9 am and dropped off again at 4.30 pm. All day they can play, learn, eat, enjoy,.. This Oye Lena camp has been a big succes! Everyday we welcome at least 30 children. From last years’ graduated toddlers Damariz, Klaus, Lyndal, Jhendy, Alex, Elias and Jesús are coming on a daily basis and some of our special kids are also coming more often: Lucho and Fernandito come everyday, Clariza twice a week and Jean Pierre still once a week. Maria was coming everyday up until the end of January, but had to leave to Lima with her mother. Adelaida and José Abel are visiting their remote homevillages during the holidays.12771725_10153454268752219_2494507374173956427_o

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