New wheelchair for Jean Pierre too!

During her time at the project, Kim Dierickx had always had a soft spot for Jean Pierre, our special kid with cerebral palsy. So, after she got back to Belgium, she decided to arrange for a new wheelchair for him. She found a second hand one at the centre “Ganspoel” in Huldenberg, who were nice enough to donate it. However, it still needed some work, so she turned to the company Vigo N.V., who decided to refurbish the wheelchair for free!
Afterwards, we had hoped to be able to transport the wheelchair with the container, but up until now we still hadn’t succeeded. Remembering the successful transportation of Clariza’s wheelchair, we decided to bring it over on the plane with the next “willing”tourists coming to visit Oye Lena.
On the 25th of January, Christina Vandekelder, Stefanie’s aunt, came to Peru and brought along the wheelchair. This was very good timing, since it was around Jean Pierre’s birthday and we couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present! Jean Pierre’s mother couldn’t believe it at first and asked us if “the wheelchair was really for him?” They both shined and enjoyed the party!
Thank you Kim, Centrum Ganspoel and Vigo N.V.

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