Fiesta de promoción!

On Monday the 22th of February, there was a party in Curahuasi. Schools in Peru always have a Promotion party for their pupils who graduate. Oye Lena follows this tradition and that’s why our oldest toddlers, who will enter primary school in March, were celebrated.
Carol Eva, Nohelia, Flor, Wilde, David, Brayan, Judith, Yimmy and Reyson were put in the spotlights. They all received a present, a graduation hat and a real diploma that Stefanie handed out during a real ceremony. We will really miss them! Reyson (with speech disorder) will keep on coming to the proyect on a daily base for another year.
Unfortunately, Brayan wasn’t at the ceremony because,he and his brother unexpectedly moved to Cachoro a few days before the ceremony. We will keep you posted when we know more…
The volunteers had prepared a stunning show: ‘Peru tiene talento’ (Peru’s got talent). The kids were divided into 5 groups and they gave the best of themselves in a song, a rap, … supported by signs.
3 professional members of a jury gave expert comments afterwards and decided that all the children were winners.
The audience (parents, brothers, sisters, …) enjoyed the show and, of course, everyone received a drink and lots of candy. It was a very successful evening!

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