A difficult home situation – request for help!

This is a more difficult message, one that requires some extra attention… Oye Lena’s aim is not to highlight sensational events, but to inform followers, sponsors, … as good as possible. It is a fact that most of our children are living in difficult households, some of them are even beaten or mistreated some way or another at home. This is a bitter, inconvenient truth. Not much can be done about it without damaging the parent’s trust in Oye Lena. Don’t forget that Oye Lena is the only place where they are allowed to be real children. Blaming the parents doesn’t help, their misbehavior is in most cases the result of poverty, despair, alcoholism or a history of domestic violence within the family. However, we try to help them as good as possible on a case by case basis. In one case, we assumed that one of our children was the victim of sexual abuse by the child’s own family, we addressed ourselves for advise to the German hospital nearby. As a result, Deborah CENTNER, social worker, organized a two-day workshop on sexual abuse. The staff of Oye Lena and
the volunteers were informed how to make the children defensible against this kind of violence and what to do if we should have a presumption of sexual abuse.
On top of that, last november, we were informed that Clariza, a girl with cerebral palsy and already coming to the project for about two years, is seriously mistreated at home, physically as well as emotionally, both by her parents and brothers and sisters. Theey show litlte or no respect for Clarza’s handicap, and were also jealous at the gifts Clariza received from Oye Lena. That’s why we decided to start a so called “bristers*/parents project” with the aim to accompany brothers, sisters and parents of children with a handicap. Unfotunately, we lack the needed experience.(*bristers= brothers-sisters)
If you know more about these kind of projects, please contact us to share your knowledge. Can you recommend us specialized literature? All kinds of help is welcome!!

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