Maria back to Lima – ice cream, underwear and socks for everybody!

In our newsletter of September, we told you that Maria’s mother is very ill and is receiving treatment in Lima. This month, she had to return again for chemotherapy, but didn’t want to leave Maria. To get there, she could only afford a bus ticket, which would have taken her over 20 hours to get to Lima. Since we’ve gotten to know her so well, we decided that this simply wouldn’t do and decided to pay her plane ticket to Lima. We threw Maria a going-away party and invited her mom as well. Roger and Ronald learned about the project through Christina Vandekelder and collected lots of toys and clothing before their trip to Peru. So, on the 25th of January, they arrived with a fully loaded suitcase and stayed at Casa Lena for a week. They enjoyed observing how the volunteers animated the children and decided they were doing a good job. So, they chipped in for Maria’s party and provided cake, ice cream and a gift for Maria. They also gave a new pair of socks and underwear to the other kids. The rest of the clothes and toys in their suitcase were donated to the project. Roger also handed over an envelope with 200 euros, donated by his brother. On top of all those wonderful gestures, they will also organize a barbeque to raise some more funds for a new bus. We will keep you posted and would like to thank these two fine gentlemen for their visit!

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