Stefanie tries her best in Quechua

In order to improve the communication with the parents and other people of more remote villages, project leader Stefanie has started learning Quechua. Quechua is one of the official languages in Peru but is mainly spoken in the “sierra”, the mountain range, being part of the Andes that form South America’s backbone. For a lot of our kids, Quechua is still the language they speak at home and although the majority of our parents speak Spanish as well, some of them don’t and can only express themselves in Quechua.

This is even more the case when we go into the mountains to smaller villages (Puka Puka, Ccochua, Ccoca,…) with our “play suitcases” where the vast majority of kids as well as their parents only speak Quechua. Our teacher Susi and our cook Diofe are fluent in Quechua, but Stefanie decided she couldn’t stay behind. So now, she is learning the basics hoping to improve contact with parents but also to help kids, who only speak Quechua at the moment, to learn Spanish.

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