A while ago, we decided to expand our playground because we lacked space to play ball games, use the steps and, more importantly, for the kids in wheelchairs. Clariza can move around independently with her new wheelchair but had only limited space to do so and found herself left out of most of the fun during recess. Our old playground consists of two levels, a concrete playground on the upper level, connected to a lawn with playing equipment via a slope. This slope was transformed into a wall and was filled up so we could add 108 m² to the upper level.

The kids can go down to the lower level using the new stairs or slide and play in the lawn where our old swing has been replaced and the “tyre-dragon” and seesaws are still very popular! Upstairs, we were finally able to install the slide we had ordered a year ago thanks to the donation of Kasterlinden. The rest of the playing equipment was payed for by Oye Lena thanks to the monthly donations of our godparents. Thank you very much, without your support we wouldn’t be able to realize these developments. So now, extra fun for everyone!

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