Brayan and Jesús living in an orphanage


At the end of february, right before leaving on a holiday to Belgium, Stefanie found out that two of our most loyal kids, Brayan and Jesus, had been left by their mom in an orphanage in Cachora. This explained their absence on the project the weeks before but we didn’t have any more information and weren’t able to get hold of their mother on the cell number she had left on the contact information sheet.  When Stefanie arrived back in Peru, she went  to visit them in Cachora, which is about an hour and a half away from Curahuasi, together with Kim Dierckx. Sadly, the gossip we had heard was correct and we found them living there, together with 12 other kids between 6 and 14 years old.  The first contact was hard and both the boys were obviously not behaving as we knew them. It was clear they were suffering from the situation.  We gave them both some gifts (a backpack, a sweater and some school supplies) and talked with them for quite some time after which they opened up partially. We promised to go back and visit them with the whole group so we’ll keep you posted in our next newsletter.

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