Oye LENA on the loose!

As you could read in the newsletter of December, one of our students started to give classes in October explaining the project in the small village schools. She did so for three months. During summer holidays and as Stefanie, the project coordinator, had to travel to Belgium, this project was temporarily stopped.

Starting from Thursday, June 9th, some of the volunteers have been returning every week to one of 2 mountain schools in Puka Puka (5 toddlers) and Ccocchua (8 toddlers). As on the project, they instruct the toddlers in the same way through a certain theme. We started with the theme ‘ space and day/night ‘ with the following lessons: astronauts training (jumping, throwing, crawling, ..), shadow theatre: “guess how much I love you”, star weaving and a mathematical game with aliens in different shapes (square, circle, triangle) and the basic colours.

The preschoolers and all of the teachers are more than excited! The level of the children, however, is much lower than it should be, largely because these children are even poorer than those living in the Centre of Curahuasi and speak Quechua. It is clear : our help is more than welcome.

Photos by Tanja WIllekens

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