Second visit to Cachora orphanage

On Sunday 12/06/2016, we visited the Cachora´s orphanage, which is situated on the bottom of a valley on the feet of a huge mountain with a big glacier and an amazing view. The orphanage gives hospitality to a lot of children between six and fourteen years. Since the first moment of our arrival, we felt we were in a special place.

Even if for most of us it was the first time there, the children gave us an incredibly warm welcome, with big hugs and smiles, and called us “hermanos” and “hermanas” (brothers and sisters). We played all together some team games and had a lot of fun! Balls, a volleyball net and hula hoops were left in the orphanage, so the children and adolescents are also able to use them without our presence.

After feeling the sun burning, we enjoyed a tasty cake together and the typical peruvian gelatin. Just a little time was left to play some more games and unfortunately we had to leave. It was hard to say good bye, but we feel that there is a special connection between everybody. We are grateful for this experience and for sure we are going to come back “see you soon mis hermanos!”

By Alessio Vecchiato (Italy)

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