Puka Puka 2

Our first challenge was to remember the name correctly, and with that under our belts, the three of us drove to the village school nearby. We sat down with the four children as they listened carefully to the story of the Frog Prince, and then watched their little brains whirring as we played a maths game; searching for frogs with eyes of a certain shape or colour.

The highlight of the morning came when we set up a jousting course outside, which involved the children running from the starting line, jumping over ropes, hopping through hula-hoops, aiming their ‘lance’ through dangling targets, and finally knocking down the monsters. It’s not hard to imagine how much the children enjoyed this, so after a calmer session of piercing holes and exploring which items floated/sank, we let the brave knights loose to play again, before heading back down the road.

By Catrin Harris

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