At Oye LENA itself

Our project building has four different classrooms:

The green room is called the “Creative room” and contains all the craft materials.

The orange room is the “Learning-through-play room” where all the puzzles, building materials, board games, Smart Games and boxes related to different themes such as fine motor skills (pearls, plasticine,…) can be found.

The black room is the “Multi-sensory room” in which we offer different stimuli (visual, audible, tactile, those regarding taste and smell)

The white room is the “Movement room” where we give physiotherapy, Sherborne or other similar activities.

The “We-pretend learning centres”: the little shop, kitchen, theatre, doll section, car section & construction area we install outside.

Outside we have two playgrounds:
* a big square with a house, a swing and a slide
* a lawn with a climbing rack, a swing, a slide and a seesaw.


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