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Mamita Made Materials is a project we started in January 2017. The intention of this side project is to help the mothers of the pupils by giving them a decent wage in exchange for handmade materials.

Over and over again, many mothers quite desperately asked for a job or financial help. At first, we didn’t know how exactly to help these moms. In the past, we had proposed them to knit or crochet hats, scarves, sweaters, etc., but surprisingly nobody reacted positively. Later on, we discovered why: no one had the financial means to buy the necessary wool. So… we decided to provide the wool ourselves.

From now on, we supply a few spheres of wool to the mothers who wish to participle in the project. They are also able to consult some specialized knitting magazines as an inspiration source. In exchange for a knitted, crocheted or embroidered item, they obtain a fair fee.

Part of the profit goes to the mothers, and the other part to Oye LENA for the purchase of new wool.

Zonta Club Roeselare made it possible for us to realize this project. They donated a starting capital of 2000 Euros, so we could purchase the wool, the crocket hooks, the knitting needles, the magazine copies, etc.

Do you want to support our mothers and buy something? Send us a message to

Thank you!

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