Become a godparent!

Do you want to become a godparent to one of Oye LENA’s toddlers? If you do, you can offer a whole new future to a child for only a couple of euro cents a day. Thanks in advance!

Godparents can let us know if they prefer to sponsor a boy or a girl, aged 3 or 4. When you become a godparent, you receive a picture and a drawing via e‐mail (two weeks after the first donation).

Most communication will happen via e‐mail in order to keep costs down. If, however, you would like to receive regular mail on special occasions, you can leave us your address.

If you do not want to send your godchild messages via mail or e‐mail, that is no problem at all. If yes, you can do so in English. We will make sure a translation is available. However, keep in mind that our children are still very young. A nice picture will do more than a long letter. Also, do not forget that it can take a while before your letters arrive in Peru. If you want to avoid long waiting times, it is also possible to send an e‐mail. We will make sure your e‐mail gets printed and given to the child. You can send your e‐mail to

The postal address is:

ONG OYE LENA (your name and the name of your godchild)
Oficina oficial de correos de Curahuasi,

Happy child with presents for his birthday

It is also possible for you to come and visit the project and your godchild, just tell us in advance if you want to come over.

In order to make sure payments go as smoothly as possible, it is best to use a standing order. That way, you automatically deposit a fixed amount into our bank account (a minimum of €10 = €0.30 a day). Oye LENA has a Belgian bank account:

BE28 0688 9753 0620

Would you like to receive a tax certificate for your donations from € 40 and more? It is possible! This certificate can be added to your tax declaration and the amount of your donation will be deducted from your taxable income.

To determine if you have the right to a tax certificate for a certain assessment year, all the donations you did during that year are being counted up at the beginning of the next assessment year. If you reach a total sum of €40 or more, you receive a tax certificate (at the beginning of the year after the year you made the donation in).

Do you want to know how much is being deducted? Take a look at the table below.

Marginal tax rate per €40Tax deduction per €40
€ 0,01 ‐ € 8.070                     25%€ 10
€ 8.070 ‐ € 11.480                30%€ 12
€ 11.480 ‐ € 19.130              40%€ 16
€ 19.130 ‐ € 35.060              45%€ 18
€ 35.060 or more                 50%€ 20

The certificate will only be given for donation to the account number:

IBAN BE48 5230 8027 2427 / BIC TRIOBEBB
Leraars zonder Grenzen vzw, Jan de Graefstraat 7, 2600 Berchem with mention: “donation for ONG Oye LENA”

The money is not destined to your individual godchild, but will be used for EVERY child on the project, for:

  • buying food and drinks. The children receive a free lunch, fruit, a snack and drinks every day;
  • financing visits to the doctor’s, where the children receive free treatment and medication;
  • buying toys and educational materials;
  • celebrating birthdays and other festivities: cake and presents!

If you wish to stop being a godparent, you can do so anytime. You only have to send us an e‐mail and cancel your standing order.

We will also keep you up to date with all the latest developments of the project and your godchild!

Lots of love, The Oye LENA – team


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