The mountain schools of Ccochua and Puka Puka

Once a week we go to a remote mountain school, alternately in the villages Puka Puka and Ccochua. In cooperation with the local teachers, we try to improve the level of education. Children aged 3 to 6 form a group with a maximum of 10 students.

The children in these mountain villages mostly or exclusively speak Quechua at home, while classes at school are given in Spanish. In addition, most kids have low-educated parents who do not always acknowledge the importance of education, and do not stimulate the development of their child at home. For this reason, the children have a huge disadvantage compared to their peers.

Ccochua is a 45 minutes’ drive away from the project.

Teaching in Ccochua
Children of the school in Ccochua

Puka Puka is only a 20 minutes’ drive. In addition to the nursery school there is also a primary school, where all ages are divided into two groups.

School in Puka Puka
Teaching in Puka Puka
Kid of Puka Puka

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