Help Oye LENA with your school!

An estimated 187 million children in developing countries do not have access to nursery education. Moreover, an estimated 101 million children do not have access to primary education. This is also the case for a lot of children in Peru.

Does your school also think this is outrageous and do you want to help? Doesn’t your school support a project in the South yet, or do you want to support another project? Oye LENA may be the right choice for you!

Schools can choose to support our project in several ways:

  1. The school (or a class) can organise an fundraising activity, once or every year.
  2. The school (or a class) can adopt a godchild and deposit a contribution every month (a minimum of €0.5 a day or €15 a month).
Children of a Belgian school are doing a workshop of Oye LENA

What does Oye LENA offer you in return?


You will receive a Powerpoint presentation which you can use at information events, teacher-parent moments, etc.. It will contain information about the ways to support Oye LENA and how the children benefit from your support. Of course you are free to adapt the presentation according to your needs. We can also send you a flyer which can be printed out and distributed to parents and other partners involved.


Schools that support the project, receive a newsletter every two months, which can be forwarded to pupils and parents.

Exchange of materials

We cooperate with schools or classes that adopt a godchild by exchanging drawings, letters, pictures and videos.


Schools that support the project can publish their logos on our website and Facebook page if they want to.

You are free to choose the extent of involvement with our project.

If you have any other ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Children of a Belgian school are doing a workshop of Oye LENA

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