Numbers don’t lie!

Education for everyone (around the world)?

  • 187 million children do not have access to nursery education.
  • 101 million children do not have access to primary education.
  • Most of them are girls.

Source: Unicef

Equal opportunites for girls (around the world)?

  • The risk of malnutrition before a child is five years old is three times higher in girls than in boys.
  • One in three girls do not finish primary school in the poorest countries. This is because girls spend eight times as much time on domestic chores.
  • 25,000 girls are married every day and cannot go to school because of it.
  • Pregnancy is the main cause of death in girls aged between 15 and 19.

Source: Plan België

The state of education (in Peru)?

  • In cities, we see that 2.4% of men are illiterate. For women, the figure is 7.9%.
  • In rural areas, the figures are even higher: 10.9% of men and 34.8% of women are illiterate.
  • On the list of the level of the students, Peru ranks 63 out of 65 countries.

Source: Instituto National de estadística informática, Peru
Source: OECD

Health situation (in Peru)?

  • 5% of children in Peru under the age of 5 are underweight. In the Apurimac region, 7.7% are underweight.
  • 36% of the toddlers in Peru have dwarf growth due to poor nutrition. In Apurimac, this is 56%.
  • In Peru, there are only 9 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants. In the Apurimac region, there are only 3. In Belgium, however, there are 30 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants!

Source: WHO Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition
Source: World Factbook CIA


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