Back on Belgian soil after 60 hours!

This morning our students and volunteers, who could be repatriated from Peru, arrived well in Brussels. After a trip of more than 60 hours they finally put their feet back on Belgian soil. An adventure they say they will not soon forget.

Tuesday morning, our students and volunteers heard the news that their repatriation flight from Peru to Belgium would leave on Saturday and that they already had to take a bus to Lima on Thursday. Suddenly everything had to go very fast: the last works on the project were finished, classes were cleaned and the necessary preparations were made for their trip.

On Thursday morning, the group first had to go to the local hospital to receive a certificate of good health. This was mandatory to be allowed on the bus. In the afternoon they were picked up and started a 20 hour bus ride to Lima. On the way they were occasionally stopped by the police for a health check, but otherwise everything went smoothly.

Friday afternoon they arrived in Lima at their hotel where they stayed for one night. Meals were delivered to their door and also in the morning a food package was provided. At 5 o’clock they had to be ready to take the bus to the military base. On the way there was a stop to sign a document in which everyone declares that they will pay the 500 Euro for the flight when they get home. In total there were six busses, with more than 250 Belgians and some Dutch and Spaniards.

Upon arrival at the military base, they were met by several soldiers and had to take their luggage in large tents. Several dogs sniffed past their suitcases and then their passports were checked as well. Then they had to get back on the bus that dropped them off at the foot of the plane of ‘Air Belgium’. The last phase of their trip could begin.

No seats were allocated on board, but by means of a push-through system everyone took their seats. This all went quite smoothly. Also during the flight of 12 hours they were well served and got enough water and food. The aircraft was regularly disinfected with a spray that was sprayed into the air.

Around half past 8 Belgian time, the group arrived in Brussels and all that was left for them to do was say goodbye. But, with a distance of 2 meters between them, this was not easy. After a few sweet words and the presentation of the farewell pictures of the project, everyone went his own way, ready for two weeks of quarantine.

Oye LENA thanks all his volunteers for their time at the project and regrets that some of them volunteered for a short period of time.

A lot of courage for the next two weeks and hope to see you again soon!


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