Protection against the largest amount of UV radiation!

Global warming has serious consequences. We also notice this at our project: due to global warming, the region around Cuzco is receiving the largest amount of UV radiation. To guarantee the health of the children, we were therefore forced to find an efficient solution to this problem. Today, we can proudly say that we succeeded in our mission! Thanks to several generous sponsors, we have recently been able to realize the installation of an awning.

Due to its altitude and proximity to the equator, the Andes Mountains, in particular, are exposed to high levels of UV radiation. Although it was always thought that this was mainly the case in summer, climate scientists now claim the opposite. According to them, the planet reaches critical temperatures worldwide for most of the year.

The consequences of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can be extreme. According to dermatological research, the risk of developing skin cancer doubles after just a few acute exposures, and repeated exposure can cause cataracts and permanent eye injuries. Although people in Curahuasi try to protect themselves by wearing long clothing, we still see many children with permanently affected skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. This particularly affects the cheeks and hands.

Considering the extreme risks in Curahuasi, Oye LENA wanted to install a large canvas tarpaulin above the playground, just like the local state schools did. That is why a while ago we appealed to sponsors who wanted to help us realize this project. And yes… we did it! It took a while, but now it’s finally here! After the lockdown, our children will be able to enjoy the shade on the playground and play outside carefree. We will continue to apply sunscreen to them every day and take care of the affected cheeks with good creams.

We are very grateful for all the help we have received.

Thank you Municipality of Wevelgem, Municipality of Nijlen, Municipality of Schilde, Fifty One Club Diamant Nijlen, Responsible Travel Peru, Wereld Missie Hulp and Sint-Jozefinstituut te Bokrijk.


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