Planning a trip to Peru? Then be sure to put these stops on your schedule!

Although we don’t know for sure when the airports will open their doors again, we can already start dreaming about our next trip, don’t we? To give you a helping hand, we made a bucket list with addresses in Peru that are worth a visit. Are you curious? Then read on!

We will not deny that Machu Picchu, the Rainbowmountains, and the Inca Trail are a must during your trip through Peru. But would you rather be in a quieter setting without all those tourists who ‘bomb’ your holiday photo? Then give these lesser-known but at least as beautiful pearls a chance too!

  1. Choquequirao

At the top of our list is the Choquequirao, Machu Picchu’s little brother. These ancient Inca ruins have the same structure and architecture as the Machu Picchu, but are three times bigger! What are we waiting for?!

2. Chonta Condor viewpoint

Besides the very famous Colca Canyon, there is another place that is at least equally suitable for spotting the Andescondors: Chonta Condor viewpoint. If you would like to see Peru’s largest bird of prey in the flesh without hundreds of tourists accompanying you, this is the place to be!


3. Tambopata

Although most tourists go to the north of Peru to visit the jungle, we recommend giving the Amazon forest in the south of Peru a chance as well. At least, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by crowds. If you prefer to enjoy the peace, it is best to go to Tambopata. In this beautiful nature reserve you can spot caimans, jaguars, monkeys, and much more.

4. Kinsa Cocha

Over the years, the village of Pisac became a lot more popular. Especially its colorful market and the old ruins attract a lot of tourists. However, there are still some undiscovered places here that are definitely worth a visit. For example, you can make a beautiful trek to Kinsa Cocha, a paradise for those who love mountains and lakes.

5. Salkantay

Another beautiful destination is the lake of Humantay. To achieve this, you follow a relatively heavy trek through the beautiful Salkantay area. Although this trekking attracts many passionate hikers nowadays, it remains the ideal alternative for those who think the Inca-trail is just a little too crowded!

6. Inkilltambo

The citadel of Sacsayhuaman probably sounds familiar to you. This is also the case with the hundreds of tourists that this Inca site receives every day. Fortunately, we know a less-visited but equally beautiful alternative. Inkilltambo, an archaeological site, used to be a ceremonial place of the Incas. The history can still be read in some engraved rocks.

7. Palccoyo

Prefer a nice holiday photo at the Rainbowmountains without thousands of black spots in the background? Then the mountains of Palccoyo are something for you. These mountains look the same as the famous Vinicunca, but this trekking is less heavy and less populated.

8. Cahuachi-pyramides

Although Nazca is mainly known for its impressive geoglyphs and lines in the ground, it has much more to offer. The Cuhuachi pyramids were one of the most important ceremonial centers for the Nazca civilization. With its mummies, artifacts, and historical secrets, this is the place to be.

9. Las pocitas

Las Pocitas is located in Mancora and is Peru’s surfing paradise. The small town is located on the north coast and has the best sandy beach in Peru. With its many cafes and clubs, the nightlife is also worth a visit. Are you ready to party?

10. Chan Chan

The last pearl of Peru that shouldn’t be missing from our bucket list is Chan Chan. This archaeological zone does not originate from the time of the Incas, but from the time of the Chimu. Most of the city was built of clay baked by the sun. Although much of the city was destroyed by the rain, there are still beautiful remnants that you can visit.


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