Summer proof thanks to this delicious Pisco Sour!

Woohoo, summer has definitely started now! Although the rain of the past few days made us think differently, we can assure you that the sun will be shining in the coming week! Of course, we are very happy about that, because it means… time for cocktails! To make ourselves completely summer proof, we would like to share the recipe for the best cocktail ever: Pisco Sour!

Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco Sour is a real Peruvian specialty. Today, however, there is a raging contest between Peruvians and Chileans about the origin of the drink. But most importantly; it’s a delicious cocktail you don’t want to miss! The name already reveals that it includes ‘pisco’, the liqueur that is used as the basis of this drink, and ‘sour’ that refers to the sour lemon juice in which the drink is mixed.

The recipe of the original Pisco Sour is very simple and easy to prepare. There are many variations but we made this recipe several times in Curahuasi and it is delicious!

For one cocktail pour 40 ml Pisco, 20 ml fresh lime juice, 20 ml liquid cane sugar, and the egg white of 1 egg into the blender. You add about 7 ice cubes and then mix everything! Just long enough so that the ice cream is crunched deliciously, but not too long because then you whip the egg too much.
For the finishing touch, you can add another three drops of Amargo bitter to the drink.

Would you rather like to have something a little bit more special? Then don’t be sad… there are many variants of the famous classic Pisco Sour! Just think of the Mango Sour, Strawberry Sour, Gin Sour, Whiskey Sour, and even an Avocado Sour! What are we waiting for?!


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