3 things you can do to fight boredom

Although some people can spend their days in their sunny garden, others find it more difficult to keep themselves meaningful. But that will change now! With these three tips, you won’t get bored during the lockdown!

1.           Plan your next trip

Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to leave our room and travel to other countries. But we can already have some imagination, can’t we? A city trip within Europe, an adventurous trip through the mountains or a super nice tour through Peru?

After all, it’s important that, after the lockdown, we give the economy a boost. Especially now that many countries have missed their main source of income from tourism for a long time. They would love to see you come! So it certainly can’t hurt to already get inspired and start planning the next trip, right?

2.           Online shopping is always a good idea

For thé perfect holiday, you also need a comfortable walking shoe, a super trendy bikini, and a nice dress. Now that the shops are closed, we can’t help but let our shopping behavior take place digitally.

And what could be better than online shopping? Online shopping and supporting Oye LENA! You’re probably thinking “huh, what?”, but yes you can! It’s very simple!

Through the Trooper website, you can go to the Trooper page of Oye LENA. Or you can just click on this link: https://trooper.be/oyelenaperu.

On this page, there are links to all participating webshops. If you surf to the webshop via those links on the Trooper page of Oye LENA, the shop will know which association you want to support. The link does the work, and you can just shop, without spending €1 extra! Of every purchase you make, a percentage goes to Oye LENA. Isn’t that great?

3.           Visit a museum or exhibition (digital of course!)

You know it or you don’t, but the internet offers us a lot of possibilities these days. You can now walk through museums on your computer screen! It then seems as if you are walking through all the art galleries yourself.

On https://artsandculture.google.com/, you can follow virtual tours through more than 100 different museums. In total there are about 2,000 cultural institutions – spread over 80 countries – to be found on the platform. Besides walking through exhibitions, you can also swim through coral reefs, clamber through caves and climb between an ice rift. But that’s not all. You can also wander through Peru’s famous world heritage: the Machu Picchu. What are we waiting for?


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