Peru has the longest lockdown in the world

In Belgium we regularly complain about the bubbles, mouth masks and other corona rules. Not unjustifiably, of course. It has been going on for six months now and everyone is more than fed up with it. We are not used to our freedom being compromised. But… things could be worse.

Peru has the longest lockdown in the world: on 28 August they decided to extend the state of emergency once again until 30 September 2020. The isolated life in which the population now finds itself has been going on for 28 weeks.

There have been eases compared to the first day, but especially on the economic level.  On the other hand, all social matters are still closed. So, a nice drink in a pub or a good meal in a restaurant is not yet possible. Moreover, there is still a curfew from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. as early as 8 p.m. in certain regions, such as Curahuasi.

When you swear on that mouth mask that you have to wear while shopping or when you are at work, remember this: in Peru everybody has to wear a mouth mask everywhere, except at home. By everyone they really mean everyone, because babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children have to wear a mouth mask as well.

Unfortunately, that is not all. Children are only allowed to go outside for half an hour a day, 500m from their home and only when accompanied by an adult. No parks, playgrounds, sports, hobbies, excursions,.. nothing. On Sundays everyone MUST stay inside. Even a walk is not allowed.

Although the schools in Belgium have just reopened, the school year in Peru only runs from March to December. This means that the corona crisis and associated lockdown has started when schools were only just starting up. Those who know Peru, know that a school year never starts on the first of March. Schools are still closed and that means that digital education has been in place for 6 months now. However, this is a problem for a large part of the population: only 40% of the houses in Peru and 3.7% of the houses in rural Peru have access to the internet (INEI).

The numbers on child abuse, child pregnancies, domestic violence,… are going up. Together with the COVID deaths of course. The consequences on all levels, emotional, physical and social, will be enormous.

Our team is doing everything that is possible and allowed at the moment and we are already looking forward to (the new) normal. As long as our doors can open again, we are satisfied and will make the best of it!

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