Corona arrived at Oye LENA

What a morning!

It actually started yesterday evening. At 18h we got a phone call. The father of Wilfredo (14y), Alberto (12y), Jhon (8y), Rodrigo (6y) and Jhordy (3y) tested positive for corona. Alberto did not come to the project that day, because he had a headache. Oh no! What if Alberto also has corona? Or one of his brothers? Each of our teachers has worked with one of them. In small groups, with a mouth mask and outside. But still.

I call a doctor at Diospi hospital. We can go to the hospital the next day, Friday, at 7.30 a.m. to have our staff and the 5 boys tested. Thank goodness! It is quiet in the hospital, because the quarantine rules prevent the patients, who normally travel here from all over the country for treatment, from getting there.

Of the thirteen tests that were taken, (fortunately only) two were positive. Of the two eldest sons, Wilfredo and Alberto. This hits hard. Alberto held strong for a long time, but after a while the tears came. He is scared. On Peruvian television they do a lot of scare tactics. It is terrible not to be able to give him a hug. My mother’s heart breaks.

I talk to the mother; I tell her she cannot go to work even though her test was negative. The whole family has to go into quarantine together. Now the mother also starts to cry. They have no money and she doesn’t know how she will get food for the next few days. My heart breaks again. We promise we won’t let them down.

Then we have the dad come for a check-up, because he has a headache, muscle aches, diarrhoea and he has to vomit. Their strong dad looks very weak. Fortunately, he can continue his treatment at home. We buy some more medicine to keep all the complaints under control and then we leave for home. All teachers will be tested again on Monday, just to be sure.

Even though this is, strictly speaking, not the objective of our project, at times like these we do not hesitate to support our families where necessary and where we can! We keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for Alberto, Wilfredo and his dad!

Diospi Suyana has been supporting the project for years, with every emergency, we can go to them and they take care of the biggest costs. Also this time again. All tests were paid for by them. We are very grateful for this much needed support!



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