Cristhel in the spotlight

Cristhel has been working as a teacher at the project for 2,5 years. Before the pandemic, she worked in the morning with the children with disabilities and in the afternoon with the older kids. At the start of the pandemic, when we had to close the project, her tasks were adjusted. She did the shopping and made food packages, but she also developed didactic material for the children to work with at home.

In a later phase, home visits were added. In the full sun, on the ground, on the sidewalk, everywhere she helped the children with their homework. Since November she continues this work, but in the shadow of our ‘casita’. Our oldest students return to the project in two groups: one part in the morning and one part in the afternoon. Unfortunately, they receive homework from school that is often above their level. Cristhel has her hands full helping them and boosting their self-confidence. Despite the grief that the pandemic has caused, also in her family, she continues to work in good faith.

What do you like most about the job?

I really like that we always work outside, in contact with nature. Working with children fascinates me and has taught me a lot in recent years.

What do you find hardest about the job?

The hardest part is gaining the trust of each child. You have to approach each child in a different way. They are each so different.

What are you running into?

What worries me the most are the children’s problems at home. We can guide them, but we cannot take away their problems.

What would you like to change on the project?

It would be great to reach even more families. Many families in Curahuasi could use the help Oye LENA gives to the children.

What is your favorite moment of your working day?

My favorite moment is, when we are “relaxing” during playtime and children come up to me to talk. I love that they have the confidence to talk to me about any subject.

How are you coping with the pandemic?

I think we are all trying to deal with this pandemic as best we can. It was difficult at first, but I have become calmer. I realize now that this will last much longer than we originally thought. I don’t believe that everything will go back to “normal” as before. I think it is best to adapt to the situations we have to live in.


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