Since April, a Peruvian physiotherapist, Cesar Juarez Fernandez Baca, from Cusco has been working at Oye LENA.
He will take over the physiotherapy and sports classes at Oye LENA for one year.
Hopefully the lovely smiles of our kids will convince him to stay longer. 😉

Cesar, what does your job at Oye LENA entail? 

My work at Oye LENA consists of giving physiotherapy to the children with disabilities. Sessions to improve and maintain physical skills. Also, my job is to help the other children, preschoolers & elementary school children, to play sports in a safe and fun way. Because of my experience as a lifeguard, I soon got an additional task: supervisor for health and safety at work. 

The nice thing is that soccer and cycling are my passions and I can practice both with the children here at the project. In addition, I would like to start a vegetable garden, because I also have some knowledge of that and the love of nature I would like to pass on to the children. 

Why did you start at Oye LENA?

I chose Oye LENA because I have always believed that education is the basis of good health. This education project does not depend on the state to develop its activities and that gives us a lot of freedom. Here I get the opportunity to share my knowledge, not only practical, but also theoretical, with children who otherwise might never have access to it. What I love at Oye LENA is the great commitment of the team to improve the quality of what we do and the way we do it, every time again. 

What makes you most happy in your work?

I really enjoy working with people with disabilities.  We help children at Oye LENA who don’t have the same opportunities as others in the city and I love that. This is where I get my motivation and joy from every day.  Together with the team I hope to contribute to the personal development of all the children here.  


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