In the first years,
it was only possible for the elementary school children to come to Oye LENA on Fridays for a game afternoon. They were also welcomed during birthday parties for presents and lots of goodies.

In 2016, we decided to change this and made sure that it was poSsible for them to join us for all kinds of activities during the vacations as well.
At the end of 2017, when we noticed that some 5th grade students still could not read well, we decided that we had to do more! From then on, they came twice a week for homework support. Fridays were kept for fun activities.
In November 2020, we were surprised by how much they were lagging behind because of the strict (8-month) quarantine and adjusted our operation so that there was room for all students every day.

OWN (OYE LENA) METHOD “learning to read”

The students who started their first year of education during the Corona year (school year runs from March to December) were not yet able to read words or solve sums to 5 at the end of the school year. To catch up, we immediately started intensive classes to teach them to read and count. In the absence of solid material, both in Peru and online, Sara and Stefanie worked together on a method to learn to read quickly and enjoyable. This became a great success because the group of the first grade can now read and count well. Meanwhile, a second corona school year started and so there was a new group of ‘first graders’ who are also well advanced in their reading education and who continue to work enthusiastically. 

NEW workshops & sports activities 

With the new teachers we decided that, in addition to the extra attention to mathematics and language, we can offer even more. This in the form of workshops. Every Friday we offer a number of workshops: First Aid, cooking/baking, knitting/crocheting, making natural products, safe internet, etc. 
Since recently, we also offer soccer training twice a week and volleyball training. 
The soccer training is given by Cristhel’s brother, Jorge. He comes to Oye LENA every Tuesday and Thursday to train our gang. 

The children and parents are very happy!


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