Odett, what is your role within Oye LENA?

In Oye LENA my day consists of two parts. In the morning I support the children with disabilities.
In the afternoon, I teach the elementary school children. I help them with math and communication. And recently, I also started giving ‘sex education’ lessons to our primary and secondary school children. 

What does it mean for you to work at Oye LENA?

I find it very enriching that Oye LENA promotes inclusion, both among students and staff.
It is a great experience because I have found a place where I can learn, discover and develop the skills I possess.

I also notice that our children with disabilities have succeeded in developing empathy and resilience.
Two important values for adapting to life. They have learned to accept themselves as they are. They are happy at Oye LENA.

What do you find most difficult about your job?

There are times when it is difficult to communicate with our children with a disability. Though, it’s something I’m overcoming little by little. Every child has a special story and in order to help them, it is essential that we understand them.
An additional challenge is that not all children attend consistently. Due to (family) circumstances they are sometimes absent for a while and this can disrupt or limit their further development.

What is your favourite moment of the day?

A wonderful moment is when the children smile. Those smiles motivate me as a teacher to give myself 100 percent, over and over again. They teach me patience and empathy and make me realize that, despite the difficulties, life is full of happiness. 


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