Morgan concluded the Ayllu program at Oye LENA

The mission of Manos Unidas International (MUI) is to build disability inclusive communities across the Americas through innovative education, technology and advocacy tools. Ayllu was specifically designed to create broad systematic change to the learning outcomes and community participation of children with developmental disabilities across Spanish speaking communities. Ayllu aims to improve access to evidence-based information, training and advocacy tools for families and educators working with developmentally disabled children through a virtual education platform. 

Morgan led Ayllu’s first pilot with educators at Oye LENA. She worked with our teachers who interacted with students who have developmental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. Each week, our teachers used Ayllu’s virtual education platform to complete a new module that taught best strategies for working with children with developmental disabilities. These modules included an educational video, real world examples of the strategies being implemented, pre/post exams and a homework assignment to try the strategy in the classroom with their students. Our teachers have learned how to create visual schedules, plan activities, foster productive learning environments, among many others. It has been great to see the impact this education platform has had on our teachers and students and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for Ayllu. 

When asked about her time at Oye LENA, Morgan said “Working at Oye LENA has been an incredible experience. All the teachers are so passionate about creating incredible learning environments for their students and are committed to the success of each and every child at the school. The special children, in particular, are given incredible support and opportunities to learn. The individual attention each special child receives is truly a gift. I have learned so much from everyone at Oye LENA. Both the teachers and students have been so welcoming that Oye LENA now feels like a second home. I cannot wait to return again and to see what the future has in store for Oye Lena and the amazing people that make the school a community.”If you are interested in learning more about Ayllu check out!


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